GIORDIS Board-Care Manual

Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing GIORDIS® handmade pasta tools.

Please read the Board-Care Manual carefully for important recommendations.

GIORDIS® molds & boards are made with 100% organic real hardwoods. Our boards come in different types of wood and each type of wood is a “living” material; meaning that it interacts with the surrounding environment atmospheric changes, humidity and cold. For this reason, it can undergo variations over time so we recommend you follow do the following to care for it:

  • Please keep the molds & boards in a dry and dark place when not using them to make pasta (well ventilated area)
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature or very high temperature or humidity
  • After use, use a soft brush to clean the dough remaining on the pasta board
  • Clean the board using clean running water, soft brush and immediately wipe off moisture with a clean cloth (do not use detergent to clean)
  • Damp cloth may also be used to clean the board and wipe dry afterwards
  • Do not wash the molds & boards in the dishwasher
  • We suggest you look after the maintenance of the molds & boards by conditioning them periodically with food grade mineral oil which lengthens the durability of the wood and keeps it at its best conditions.

Check out the oil applying tutorial videos on our website.


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