Our story is the result of two brothers and their passion for Italian cuisine, a passion that inevitably binds us to one of its wonders, Pasta. We invite you to discover our journey and the process that inspired us to create GIORDIS Handmade Pasta Tools©


It started with a conviction: We love pasta! But love is about giving, emotion and inspiration.
Our conviction transformed to a question:
How can we share our love of pasta and inspire future pasta aficionados?


The answer led us to our mission: Enable pasta lovers all over the world to easily express their creativity of making homemade pasta that look amazing and taste delicious.

Ultimately guiding us to our vision: Design an exclusive collection of handmade pasta boards using high-quality hardwood that all pasta fans, inspiring cooks and chefs can use at their kitchens and restaurants to quickly make different types of pasta that will amaze all guests with its beautiful shapes and taste!


Our core values play a big role and it is these core pillars that leads us forward:
● Customer Centric – Our customers mean the world to us. We therefore strive to work hand in hand with our clients to meet their needs and expectations and ensuring our customers get the best products and service on the market.
● Quality – The quality of our products is our source of pride. We hold this value dearly at all stages of our production chain. Through teamwork and commitment to our values, we work effortlessly to maintain superior quality.
● Creativity/Innovation – Our passion is borne out of creativity and innovation, as such, we constantly develop new designs and woodwork methods to improve our levels of production, while maintaining quality standards.
● Integrity and Honesty – Lead by example and always act with the utmost integrity and communicate in a respectful, open and honest manner.



We are glad to have you join us in our journey! With your support we can inspire the next generation of pasta makers to create beautiful and delicious pasta using the GIORDIS Handmade Pasta Tools©


Please contact us for any enquiries: info@giordis.com

Thank you,